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I put my soul to every words i sung
Perpetual song which never seem to cease
Unalterable noises
Tangled to every part of wish
Melody of one's deepest heart--
          You may come and sing with me
          Land your feet, sit over here
          Ornate these pieces of heart with me
(the) Valiant blue heart which gleam
(the) Emptiness inside-- (may) it seemed

Tranquility, perhaps what this heart seek--
(an) Opera for the (all) soundless voices
Elixir to every blemishes
Vanquisher of all nemesis
(an) Eternal joy without the tears

Roam and roam
Years after years
Waging war without a soar-- it's all--
           Obliterated into one, forgotten at once
           Repeated cycle occur-- for then, again--
           Dwelling in a journey which once begin,
           Searching for a solace in hope for a good end

(for that reason)
       ---I SING this wretched lullaby

            ------------------------------------------ Crisce

Penulis : GA

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